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Mads Aaboe Jensen, PhD, External Innovation Officer, RNA Molecule Research, Roche pRED


RNA-based drugs: from oligonucleotides to small molecules


RNA molecules are essential for cellular information transfer as they encode proteins and regulate gene expression. Numerous RNAs have been implicated in human diseases. Targeting these RNAs with either oligonucleotides or small molecules provides an opportunity to therapeutically modulate numerous cellular processes.


External Innovation Officer, RNA Molecule Research, Roche pRED
Mads holds a position as External Innovation Officer at Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen, where he is responsible for scouting and assessment of external opportunities related to nucleic acid based therapies. Prior to this, he was leading a RNA research team with activities in the field of early drug discovery and external innovation. Over the course of his career, Mads has led more than 7 RNA therapeutic discovery and technology innovation projects giving rise to over 10 patents and patent applications.